My Great

 Hello Oppa!
Happy birthday!

How are you? I hope you always fine. I apologize for not being able to give a gift. I just can to send this letter and pray for you. I hope you are not disappointed.

Oppa, I really want to meet you and say that you are so sweet. I really want to see snow with you also with other members.

Oppa, come to Indonesia again. During SS4 you can’t  have a hang out in Indonesia.  Don’t you know here’s  a lot of  interesting place. Such as the beaches in Bali, Borobudur or Oppa want to see a unique place? In my area, there is a village was cursed into stone. This fact. You can see a variety of human and animal forms that have been cursed into stone. If you want, I’ll be your tour guide later.

Oppa, be happy in your current age. You know? I so admire a Lee Sungmin. Thank you because you have become my motivator and entertainer as I’m tired. I always pray that you will be successful as it is now. Oppa, please keep yourself well and convey my greetings to your dongsaeng, Cho Kyuhyun.

Sartika in Indonesia








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